Our services


The aim of communications is to support the company in achieving its strategic goals and success in operations. When the company’s goals and identity are crystal clear, they are easy to communicate both internally and externally.

Our clients include both private-sector businesses and public-sector organisations. We assist our clients in planning their communications, preparing the communications strategy and defining the key messages. The annual communications plan lists the practical actions: what will be communicated, when, to whom and by which means. As tools for future use, the client receives a documented communications strategy and a communications plan.


The visual identity is an important constituent of corporate image. It helps the company to gain visibility and stand out. In human decision-making, emotion comes first. Visualisation is a way to influence people’s emotionally-based desire to acquire products or services. The elements of the visual identity include name, logo, colours, typography and slogan. The visual identity is displayed in, for example, the website, advertising, premises and product design.

Content marketing & publications

Content marketing refers to the production of contents to be used in the company’s own channels. Content marketing aims to communicate about the company’s competences, products and services in a manner that is attractive to the customers. Channels for content marketing include, for instance, websites, digital newsletters and blogs, as well as social media, such as Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. We provide quality contents for any channel.

A magazine specifically intended for stakeholders or interest groups draws the attention of readers and contributes to the publishing organisation’s brand. The contents published in print can easily be adapted for use in online communications and social media channels. We design and produce magazines and other publications on a turnkey basis. Our strengths include solid experience in magazine conceptualization, excellent professional skills in journalism and graphic design, as well as smooth process management.

PR and media communications

It is not possible to fully control media publicity. Professional, sustained and transparent communications are indispensable tools for reputation management, especially in the web and social media. It is vital to be able to publish and bring out one’s own view without delay and in an easily understandable form.

We have expertise on the ways in which the press and media operate and on related journalistic demands. We communicate our clients’ messages in media releases that are suitable for various media channels. We arrange media conferences and manage the necessary media contacts.

Photography & video production

We take photographs for the publications we produce, and our photographers also contribute to our clients’ image databanks.

Video marketing is a rapidly growing trend. We produce both traditional videos and 360 videos. We provide our clients with videos on a turnkey basis. The production process covers planning, scripting, filming, editing and audio mixing.

Virtual reality production

Virtual reality (VR) is revolutionising our ways of seeing, hearing and experiencing the world. Videos made by using a 360° camera open new opportunities for presenting companies, products and services in an engaging manner.

We invest heavily in VR technologies and virtual content production. We produce virtual presentations that support the client’s brand, either as 360 still images or 360 videos for uploading to the client’s website.

Multilingual communications

Our comprehensive service approach includes the provision of communications materials in different languages as requested by the client. Professional translators ensure that the message is effectively communicated to the targeted audiences and markets. We promote the proper use of Finnish and also offer our clients language revision services.


We arrange both open training for different audiences and tailored training for our clients. The instructors include top experts in communications and marketing. The topics range from, for example, communications as an integral part of business, internal information provision, efficient digital and mobile marketing, PR and media communications and crisis communications.